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True Story: Beige Decor doesn’t Have to be Boring

Beige Decor and Brown Decor from Freedom

I’ve been known to declare my aversion to beige from time to time, but truth be told, beige decor can work wonders in keeping a space understated, clean and calm. If you have a somewhat neutral space but fear you’re about to enter a micro-sleep at any given moment, there are a few ways you can keep the beige without an all-stops train to Snoozeville. It’s all about tone and texture, Creatives!

Beige Decor - Mix with Soft Fabrics in Varying Textures

Tone is a key element in ensuring your neutral space retains some interest. When shopping for homewares, try and shop the full range of the tonal scale; whites, browns, beiges, camels, creams and more. The more tone you have, the more dimension and depth you’ll create in the space. And if you’re looking to go a step further without taking a bold colour leap, look for subtle greys to break up the potential monotony (the combination of throws above demonstrate this perfectly!).

Texture is your other friend when it comes to fighting off beige boredom. If you have a leather couch, for example, consider cushions and throws in a different material. The more complex the textures are, the more interest you’ll add. Look for soft furnishings with cable knits, tassels, buttoning, raised edges and other design elements, to keep your room dynamic. Add surrounding furniture in different finishes – like wooden side tables and fabric lampshades – and you’re set!

Shop the Look: The gorgeous photos in this post come courtesy of Freedom (Brooklyn Leather Sofa from $1599 and a range of throws and cushions now available in-store. Prices correct at time of post).

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