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My IKEA Winter Living Room Makeover

IKEA Winter Living Room Makeover

When the team at IKEA contacted me to take part in their blogger challenge – where you’re given $200 to add some winter warmth to your space through a living room makeover – it was less of a challenge and more of an all-stops train to Blissville. I’ve been an IKEA addict since birth (my first word was Karlskrona), so adding more of their wares to my existing collection was a glorious experience indeed.

The Temple & Webster style workshop I attended at iscd recently taught me that I needed to utilise black and white to ground my space. And with the help of IKEA, that’s exactly what I did!

Cushions and throws were at the top of my list because they instantly add a sense of warmth to any room. I chose a few in black and white – both block colours and patterns – to add visual interest and create harmony in the room. Below I’ve gone with a Eivor Cushion and Throw.

IKEA Winter Living Room Makeover - Armchair and CushionIKEA Winter Living Room Makeover - Flowers and Tray

Next up, it was time to dress my coffee table in IKEA products to create a warm, homely vibe. I took one of their Skala Serving Trays, painted it black and lined the base of it with Sofia fabric, to create a personalised piece just for me!

On the tray, I placed a Black Tecken Mug, which I’ve poured scented wax into to create my own candle. The mug sits on a stack of Brown Fantastisk Serviettes, which add texture and colour.

A Black Medveten Glass Vase brings a sense of luxury to the vignette, while the Hamta Carafe has been utilised as a vase in this instance. My advice: think about alternative ways to use objects – IKEA products are so versatile so always try and think outside the box!

IKEA Winter Living Room Makeover - Books on Stool with Lamp
ABOVE: Use stripes across different pieces of furniture to bring a sense of cohesion.
BELOW: When buying candles, grab different sizes to create some visual interest.IKEA Winter Living Room Makeover - Candles in Lantern

The IKEA market hall is where I lose my mind and the candle section is possibly the best stop on the express. I grabbed a few candles in complementary hues and popped them in an industrial lantern I already had at home. Candles are possibly the most affordable way to add warmth and I always have a few burning at night.

Below, you’ll notice that I’ve clearly saved the best for last. Just get a load of that Lappljung Ruta floor rug. It is hands down my favourite component in the room. Because there are multiple colours and pieces of furniture at play in my space, the rug pulls all of them together and allows them to exist harmoniously. Don’t you love it?

IKEA Winter Living Room Makeover - Couch, Cushions, Throw and RugIKEA Winter Living Room Makeover - Industrial Coffee Table and Rug

I’d love to know what you think of the makeover. A before and after shot is below. I am pretty much head over heels with the space and encourage you to check out the Winter Sancturay Hub on the IKEA website for a tonne of ideas and inspiration to warm up your home!

IKEA Winter Living Room Makeover - Before and After


Outside of writing the TLC Interiors blog, Chris is an interior stylist and author. You can also catch him on your TV screens as a designer on Channel 10's Changing Rooms. If you'd like to book a design consult with Chris, you can find out more here

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  • amanda

    The rug is beautiful and really lifts the room. It pulls everything together as you say. My only suggestion is that I think a landscape oriented artwork would work better above the sofa, as it would echo the shape of the coffee table. The long portrait shaped piece looks a bit lost on the wall. Overall the room looks so much cosier!

  • Thanks for your comment Amanda and for your tips re the art. I am on a tight budget at the moment but art is next on my list.

  • hey chris, wow, you’ve done a great job! I love the black/white plaid and carpet! I think I need some new pillows and plaids too! thanks for the inspiration 🙂

    • Thanks Archana. IKEA make the job rather easy with their gorgeous homewares. I like to add my own flavour to things and their stuff is great for that. Glad you got something out of it. Thanks for commenting too 🙂

      • you are very welcome chris! you are very creative and I like it how you added your own style to the tray just to give it something extra and unique 🙂 PS: I do like the banner with small images in the footer of your blogpost, thanks again for the inspiration! 😉

  • Jade

    New fan of your site & I love it! I’ve also been collecting Real Living magazines since they first came out for homewares p0rn. I really liked the way you used the Ikea rug as a focal point!

    • Thanks Jade – so glad you’re loving the blog and I’m with you on the IKEA rug. I feel like it’s really pulled the items in the room together. They’re one big happy family now.

  • Anthony

    Looks like a page out of ‘Real Living’. Maybe their next spread…. or cover?

    • Oh you are too kind! Thanks so much Anthony. I’ll await the call from Real Living lol.

  • Cat Gilligan

    Just wondering how much you bought the rug for – it’s amazing!


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