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Eclectic African Decor: How to Achieve the Look

African Decor - Bedhead and Cushions with Lamps

For lovers of a soft and subdued decor scheme that offers interest through texture rather than tone, the eclectic African decor vibe had you covered. This interiors trend is all about utilising materials in a way that makes a space sophisticated and stylish, creating a room that feels calm and carefully curated (and on a side note, how dreamy is that bedhead?!).

What I like about this African decor look is that it has such a great sense of harmony; nothing screams or jumps out at you, yet there’s still a lot of take in and have a bit of a gasp over.

African Decor - Bedhead and Cushions African Decor - Storage Cupboard with Chair and Cushion

Proportion and detail are two of the main factors to consider if you’re trying to channel this vibe. The furniture used is large and have a sense of grandeur. A large bedhead, heavy lamps and hefty drawers and side tables are what’s needed to implement the trend.

In terms of detailing, think about buttoning and other embellishments on bedheads, cushions and throws. There’s loads of texture at play in this look, but make sure you keep all the colours reasonably monochromatic; the interest will come from pattern and texture rather than hue.

Lastly, eclectic African decor calls for some personalised items, which is what brings in the eclectic element. Statues, art and other decorative pieces from your travels will bode well for this trend; think about natural elements like wood, leather, tin and the like.

African Decor - Outdoor Setting with Cushion African Decor - Bedroom Setting with Chair

What are your thoughts on eclectic African decor? Are you a fan of a trend that uses texture to add all of the interest, or is colour more your style? Drop me a comment below and share your thoughts!

Images in this post come courtesy of Bandhini Homewear Design

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  • Cynthia


    Would love to know where pillows like the ones shown above all available, they are absolutely phenomenal!

    4 April, 2015
    • Cynthia


      I found those pillows! Thank you!

      4 April, 2015

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