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Where to get the Best Neon Heart Lights in the Country

My favourite part of running this blog is posting about brands I’ve known and loved for a while. When I realise that some readers don’t know the brand I’m showcasing, that just makes unveiling them to you even better!

I’m a firm believer in paying it forward when it comes to sharing the love for local businesses, which is why the blog has an Aussie focus. The products from the brand in today’s post as definitely worth getting loved-up over, so let’s get on with it shall we? Allow me to introduce you to the amazing Neon Poodle.

Oh, and scroll further down for details on how you can WIN a neon heart light 😉

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The Neon Heart: A Light Bulb Moment

As the founder of local brand Neon Poodle, Sammy Gibson refers to the birth of her business as a light bulb moment. That moment occurred in September last year, when she was on the hunt for a neon sign for her daughters bedroom. After an exhausting search for businesses who made neon signs, she kept finding brands that weren’t interesting in helping her.

I think their main focus was on bigger and more profitable signs and businesses,” Sammy explains. “So we went on the hunt and found a flexible neon product which is completely safe (no glass breakage here!). It’s also ideally suited for at home and especially kids rooms”.

And so the Neon Poodle brand was born. It’s safe to say that the business has gone bananas since its inception, too, keeping Sammy and her husband Jason (who creates the signs) very busy indeed. It was the first neon signage brand I became aware of locally, and it’s definitely attracted a few imitators since its launch.

The brand’s first product – the iconic neon heart piece – is the most precious to Sammy and is still a Neon Poodle best-seller. Popular for kids rooms and at events like weddings, I’m told that it’s the versatility of the neon heart light that makes them so appealing. Every piece in the collection works in a variety of spaces, actually. 

“That’s the beauty of our product, it’s so flexible. One person may choose to put a cloud in a baby’s nursery, another has used it in a bathroom,” Sammy explains. “When we first started our main focus was actually on kids bedrooms, but as we grow we have brought out new products that are able to work in any space”.

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Taking the Brand International

The Brisbane-based brand is quickly spreading across not only the rest of the country, but all over the world. Locally Neon Poodle has teamed up with the likes of Greenhouse Interiors and now sells in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth. Outside of Aus, you can also find Neon Poodle bringing light and love to homes in New Zealand and The Netherlands.

One exciting new element that makes the brand even more appealing is the custom-made light range. This sees Sammy and Jason creating individual neon signs for a wide range of customers both big and small.

“We love working with clients to design and put their name in lights,” Sammy says. “And because our lights are completely dimmable, it makes as the perfect night light and lasts up to 7 years, if you leave them on 24 hours a day, seven days a week”.

I think it’s safe to say that despite its fast rise to local decor fame, Neon Poodle is already showing signs of innovation in a very competitive market. They’re not going to fizzle out anytime soon. These guys are in for the long haul, and I couldn’t be more excited to get my hands on a neon heart for my forever home when I move in later this year.

See more from Neon Poodle via their Website or Instagram. Images in this post come via Greenhouse Interiors (styling) and Annette O’Brien (photography). 

** Please note the below competition is now closed. The winner was Tanya Shepley ** 


To go in the draw to win one of Neon Poodle’s amazing mini heart lights in a warm white colour, simply:

Drop a comment below sharing what you love about Neon Poodle.

Competition open to Australian residents only. Comp closes 11.59pm, Sunday 31 July.

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  • Tanya Shepley


    Neon Poodle has a unique product that creates a talking (& focal) point in any home. Also, love that its a Brisbane based business #supportlocals

    17 July, 2016
  • shelly


    It’s just all so happy making! Their lights make me smile!

    17 July, 2016
  • Joey Davis


    The neon poodle is a funky alternative to a night light
    Stylish and onpoint it keeps little ones in their bed and reminds mummy of how loved they are when they are sleeping .

    With a neon poodle you will always be a light in this world .

    17 July, 2016
  • Dominique Taylor


    I love the idea of bringing the fun out with something that is not only a light but can double as art and be able to express a modern stylish inner self by standing out day or night.

    17 July, 2016
  • James Towers


    Neon Poodle – just discovered this legendary business. Thank you so much for sharing. What I love about them is the way it literally lights up a dull wall and illuminates an entire room. Such a simple but fun feature. Love them! Killer isntagram too!

    17 July, 2016
  • Emily Psaila


    Do you know how many night lights we have been through in the four years since the twins wer born?? Holy Moses! Seriously I’ve lost count and could probably go on holiday for the amount of money I’ve spent… So I love that they last up to 7 years, they are really cute and I like supporting Australian family businesses, i feel like I’m helping a family take the kids to the movies or something equally as significant in everyday life. Thanks for sharing this one!

    17 July, 2016
  • Anna


    The Neon Poodle have the most awesome, nostalgic lights! I’d love to have something timeless like these lights in my babies nursery!

    17 July, 2016
  • Jade


    I love that they’re a small Aussie bunch of creatives doing something genuinely different and doing it well and with flair!

    17 July, 2016
  • Brock Brock


    I think it’s important to have a nice statement piece, and what’s better than something that looks amazing day or night. This would be a bold piece to draw attention in the evening and could create a perfect, romantic ambience which every household needs whether it’s in a household for one, two or a family.

    18 July, 2016
  • Sacha Kann


    While I’m eating my noodles and strudels,
    I’ll be admiring my Neon Poodle,
    What a great competition to win,
    All my hopes on it I will pin!

    Love an Australian product that brings a bit of whimsy into your interiors!

    18 July, 2016
  • Sammi


    I’ve been following Neon Poodle on IG for a while now and just love hearing success stories from local Aussie brands. I have a thing for lights and the mini heart is definitely my fave 🙂

    18 July, 2016
  • Jess


    I love the retro yet modern vibe of Neon Poodle lights and the wonderful story of this Aussie business! My favourite thing to do before bed is to get cosy with a good book and switch on some fairy lights so with one of the mini heart lights, my room and night time routine will be complete!

    25 July, 2016

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