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aromatherapy co naturals candle diffuser and handwash set in forest scent

Win: Unbeatable new Fragrances for an Autumnal Home

Let me tell you something for nothing: you won’t catch me burning a fruity fragrance in my home during Autumn. Much like colognes and perfumes, I believe that there are distinct summer scents (hello coconut and lime) and definite cold-weather fragrances (sage and sandalwood for the win).

Of course, not everyone adopts this philosophy, and some scents are true all-rounders. Vanilla, for example, I could happily have my snoz in every day of the year. It just never gets old. But the moral of the story is this: it’s always wise to bring some new fragrances in your home with the change of season.

Full disclosure: This advice is coming from someone who at last count had 39 scented candles in his home (more on that here). I must declare; I’m utterly addicted to candles and there’s nothing than can remedy this for me. I love the moodiness candles bring in a room, and I love discovering new varieties when they land.

aromatherapy co naturals candle diffuser and body was coast fragrance

New Fragrances from Aromatherapy Co: Utter Nostril Nirvana

My latest fits of joy and rapture have been coming courtesy of the new Naturals range from NZ brand Aromatherapy Co. They’ve been around for decades now and their collections just keep getting better and better. Bonus tidbit: they ship to Australia.

The latest batch to hit the market (and my home) are inspired by the heavenly landscapes of New Zealand. As soon as you read the names – Alpine, Coast, Forest and River – you can already imagine what each one might smell like. I feel instantly transported. Get me in front of a fire in NZ with a glass of Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc immediately!

Whatever scents you trend to veer toward, one of the four is bound to have you experience nostril nirvana as well.

aromatherapy co naturals candle and reef diffuser in river fragrance

Four Distinct Fragrances are Available

Let me elaborate on what each scent is made up of and inspired by for you below:

  • The fragrance of Alpine (Cocoa and Icy Vanilla) embraces the majestic beauty of the picturesque mountains
  • Coast (Berry and Beech Leaf) acknowledges the windswept shores and secluded coves that cradle our land
  • Forest (Evergreen and Freesia) is an ode to the pristine parks and vast wilderness that is the natural beauty of New Zealand
  • River (Waterlily and Geranium) signifies the thousands of kilometres of coastlines and inland waterways that flow through and around the country

aromatherapy co naturals range forest body wash and hand cream

Products for your body, too

I love candles and I adore reed diffusers, but what I love about Aromatherapy Co is that they go well beyond these two products. It’s not just about fragrances (although they alone are pretty dreamy). The team also stock gorgeous hand cream, hair and body wash, and hand and body lotion. So not only can your abode benefit from the Aromatherapy Co Goodness, your body can too.

I have my own set at home – the Forest set – and it smells so wonderfully earthy and natural. I’ve detailed on the blog before how much I love the colder months (more on that here) so the sweet smell of sandalwood drifting through my rooms is all sorts of amazing.

If you’d like to get your hands on a set of goodies from Aromatherapy Co, why not enter the competition below? It’s easy!

aromatherapy co candle reed diffuser and body products

Win a Prize Pack from Aromatherapy Co

++ Please note that the competition has now closed. The winner was Meredyth Hayes Bell ++

To celebrate the release of the brand new Naturals Range from Aromatherapy Co, the team and I have decided to run a giveaway. You too now have the chance to experience the nostril nirvana of their beautiful fragrances.

Valued at over $110 AUD, the Prize Pack contains: 

  • 1 x 370g Candle
  • 1 x 100ml Diffusion Set
  • 1 x 400ml Hair and Body Wash pump
  • 1 x 400ml Body Lotion pump
  • 1 x 80ml Hand Cream in your fragrance of choice

To Enter the Draw:

Simply Drop a comment below telling me which of the four scents resonates with you and why.

(It wouldn’t hurt if you gave Aromatherapy Co a follow on Instagram too 😉 )

Comp open to Aus and NZ residents only. Comp closes 11.59pm Thursday 23rd March. By commenting below you authorise us to sign you up to The Life Creative’s free weekly email newsletter.

Outside of writing the TLC Interiors blog, Chris is an interior stylist and author. You can also catch him on your TV screens as a designer on Channel 10's Changing Rooms. If you'd like to book a design consult with Chris, you can find out more here

Comments (27)

  • Kieren Miller

    Coast…our family has always been drawn to the sea . The raw beauty and power of Mother Nature sweeping away your worries, letting you rest and reflect in her wake.

  • Maddison

    Coast, because that evergreen smell will make it feel like Christmas all year round.

  • Sam Kyriacou

    Forest – Being surrounded by the sea and mountains, it would be nice to have the vast wilderness at my fingertips (literally).

  • Amy Chippindale

    Alpine… we used to holiday with our grandparents to the Blue Mountains each year, and the smell of my Nan cooking up her chocolate cakes/biscuits in the oven whilst it was freezing outside would make this my favourite scent!

  • Nicole

    Coast ❤ I have always lived near the coast. The air, the sound, the view… allows me to feel grounded. Couldn’t be without it!

  • Cathryn

    Alpine. Life starts for us every time we head back to Mackenzie Country in the south island of NZ and we just love it. The whole family just knows we are heading towards alpine beauty and a different take on life.

  • Sarah Buckler

    Forest – whenever I return home to New Zealand the first thing that hits me is the incredibly fresh smell of the trees and greenery. Simply nothing else like it.

  • Anna

    I would love this lovely prize for my new home!

  • Megan

    Love the alpine scent. Love the smell of cocoa and find it very soothing and relaxing, especially with having a wee one.

  • Catherine Bailey

    Still waiting for something to ‘fill up my senses like a night in a forrest’ thanks to John Denver and some woman called Annie, so think I’d go with the forest set tanks Chris

  • Brock

    Alpine. It reminds me of a romantic tech-free getaway into the mountains, getting back to nature in a cabin where you can base yourselves and head out for day adventures. Those aromas are purely divine and the combo will leave the place smelling scrumptious.

  • Mili

    I’d have to say coast. The fresh smell of the sea awakens all my senses and evokes a sense of calm all at the same time. Having this scent throughout the home would whisk me off to that happy place all year round.

  • Charmaine Campbell

    River for me please, as I lurve Geranium and am a Pisces which is a water sign. River sounds heavenly to me!

  • Michelle

    Coast: I was raised by the coast and after living in different locations in other countries, I haves realised I need the coast to keep me relaxed and centred.

  • Helen Mega

    Hi Chris!
    Definitely Alpine for me, that cool crisp combo of cocoa and vanilla will absolutely help me embrace the freshness of winter. Not to mention the devine scent that my home will have!

  • Pietta Gresham

    Alpine. I have a strong desire for travel and adventure particularly snow and mountains – but your home needs to be your home. Apline would bring the sense (and scents) of the mountains to the home.

  • Stephanie Gardner

    River for me! It sounds super refreshing and reminiscent of summer which is just what I need as the weather changes!

  • Meredyth Hayes Bell

    I’d like to imagine I am spending Autumn cocooned in a log cabin in the Forest, company is optional but red wine, cheese and a great book are essential. The Forest candle and body wash could transform my inner city Sydney terrace house bathroom into the vast wilderness of New Zealand!

  • Thanks for the great comp! I would love to win the River range it sounds like the perfect scent to cover up the smell of dirty nappies and laundry that will soon be dominating my humble abode!

  • Gayle Vos

    I a RIVER girl flowing freely through life

  • Lisa

    Coast for me I live on the Hibiscus Coast so this would just be homely to me! Perfect

  • Lauren Barnes

    Alpine, the waft of cocoa and vanilla makes me nostalgic with memories of nanna’s kitchen growing up where she was always baking treats

  • May Cross

    I love Coast – I live in sunny Queensland (enough said)!

  • Vera Santos

    Forest – Although I grew up in the city, when I lived overseas a thousand years ago, i Knew i was homesick, when I was desperate to smell of the bush after a rain. Love the smell of nature.

  • Mini

    River would be what I would put up my hands up for. I love the calmness and joy that a river can bring and it would be a paradise if I can surround myself with this smell.

  • CindyC

    Coast for me as it remember the time my husband propose to me at the beach when the Sun Setting in a romantic & majestic looking Sunset while the Sound of waves and smells of sea breeze.

  • Alex Cousins

    I am a full blown sucker for anything vanilla, vanilla ice cream, vanilla milkshakes, vanilla cake, vanilla candles, vanilla everything! And although I love and literally live on the (Central) Coast, Alpine would win this frangrance-off for me. You had me at (icy) Vanilla 😉


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