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Red Apples - Apple Crumble

The Easiest Apple Crumble Recipe Ever.

Full disclosure, Creatives: I’m no whiz in the kitchen. My partner Gavin is the cook behind this apple crumble recipe, which truly is the easiest thing you’ll ever bake. I did snap photos though and I did mush up some of the ingredients, so all in all I did all the hard work, right?! Let’s take a closer look at how this easy-peasy crumble came together.

300g flour
175g butter
175g caster sugar
1 x Teaspoon of cinnamon (can also use nutmeg or spice of choice)
4 to 5 good sized pink lady apples (for extra sweetness)

Red Apples - Apple Crumble Peel and Slice Apples for Apple Crumble

Peel and slice four to five pink lady Apples and layer them in a pie or baking dish.

Cut them about a half a cm thick (too thin and they dissolve, too thick and they come out hard).

Apple Crumble - SLiced Apples Mix the Ingredients - Apple Crumble

Mix and mush together the flour, chunks of butter, caster sugar and nutmeg until it goes crumbly in texture.

Hands work best here so enjoy getting those mitts dirty!

Apple Crumble Recipe Apple Crumble - Finished Product

Scatter the mixture over the sliced apples, patting the top to ensure it’s even.
Pop it in the oven for about 25 minutes at 180 degrees and you’re done.
(Gavin wrote ‘TLC’ on top of this one – too cute!).

I told you it was easy, right? The best part about this recipe is that it’s completely customisable. Add pears or rhubarb if you like, add more crumble mixture on top if you love that part, or slice apples super thin if you want them to almost melt.

Serve this bad boy with some ice cream, cream or berries and you’re pretty much in heaven!

Apple Crumble Recipe

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  • Claire


    I’m there!!!! In heaven that is…will give it a go x

    29 June, 2014
  • I adore apple crumble and this one looks so good!! I’m going to add blackberries to mine 🙂

    18 November, 2014

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