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Illustrator Megan Hess Talks to The Life Creative

Illustrator and Author Megan Hess has worked with some of the world’s most iconic names; Chanel, Dior and Vogue, to name a few. Needless to say, I was rather delighted that she took the time to talk to a slightly lesser known brand, The Life Creative, discussing her career and what makes her tick in my interview segment, The Creative 10.

Illustrator Megan Hess Talks to The Life Creative

1. When are you at your most creative?

I think there’s two different times when I’m most creative. The first is when I’m actually in the process of drawing a concept that I’m excited about. It’s almost like time stands still and I’m just very immersed in the process. The other time that I’m really creative is when I step away from my work. It might be when I’m travelling or on holidays. I think stepping back gives you that much needed perspective to be more creative.

2. Who is the most creative person you know?

I think Candace Bushnell is pretty incredible as a writer. Working with her is so inspiring and it’s taught me to enjoy the journey of creating something just as much as enjoying the final outcome.

3. What’s your most creative destination?

New York. Everything about New York inspires me.

4. What’s your best creation or creative moment to date?

This answers changes every week but right now I’m going to say my illustration for Paris Fashion Week. I depicted a chic French woman staring into the sky as Karl Lagerfeld flies into the sky in a hot air balloon!

Megan Hess

5. What’s your fave creative read?

I love all books by Edith Wharton. There’s something about the characters and the way she tells a story that so incredibly creative.

6. What music makes you feel creative?

I really like a variety of Music and I often play music while I work and I try to keep in in theme to what I’m working on. For example, last week I was working on illustrations for Cartier in Paris and so I decided to play Ella Fitzgerald because it felt like the perfect backdrop to what I was drawing.

7. What’s your one creative must-have at home or the office?

My Montblanc pen. I draw everything with it and it’s become almost like a person to me! When I first collaborated with the brand they created the custom pen for me and not only is it incredibly special to me, it’s changed the way I draw. It’s definitely the most important thing on my desk.

Megan Hess Fashion House

8. What creative item are you lusting over at the moment?

Books are my weakness. I have my eye on several right now! If I had to pick one it would be Diana Vreeland – The Eye Has to Travel.

9. What inspires you to get Creative?

I think I’m most inspired by people. I love to see, hear and experience what others are doing and I think that expands what your creative possibilities.

10. What’s one creative endeavor you’d like to try or pursue?

I really want to get back to painting with oils. I actually did a lot of traditional painting as a teenager and it’s on my list to get back into it. Just for fun!

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