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Graffiti in St Peters - May Lane Graffiti

street art that may just change your take on graffiti

Graffiti Street Art in St Peters and Newtown

Graffiti, or street art as it is now being termed, is a truly polarising subject; people tend to love it or loathe it and there’s often no middle ground. For me, I tend to sit on the fence because I believe good graffiti is a true work of art. It’s often the more casual attempts at graffiti, that are more scribbled than they are stylish, that ruin it for the art as a whole.

Graffiti Street Art in St Peters and NewtownGraffiti Street Art in St Peters and Newtown Graffiti Street Art in St Peters and Newtown

Having moved from the eastern suburbs to the inner west of Sydney over Christmas has exposed me to a tonne of street art. For the most part, I love it. The work you see in this post is mostly from a laneway I live by and a few other key spots in Newtown that have clearly been laid aside for street artists to do their thing with.

The street art I see near my home certainly makes the suburb rather colourful and makes it feel all the more creative. Though having grown up in Sydney’s outer west, I have seen my fair share of bad, sloppy and offensive text and imagery in graffiti (I think they call it tagging) that can truly leave a bad taste in your mouth.

But for the most part, especially when it results in the imagery you see in this post, I think graffiti rocks. What do you think?

Graffiti Street Art in St Peters and Newtown

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  • Gav


    Graffiti art I love. A nice mural or even a smart little stencil; I think it really enhances the building in most circumstances. Tagging on the other hand is ugly as sin and not nearly half as interesting!

    9 January, 2014
    • tlcreative


      I am with you on the tagging issue – totally not appealing at all!

      14 January, 2014
  • Tim


    Loathe ugly graffiti and tagging, looks horrible. Well executed street art can be amazing however, especially when it’s in mural form and covers whole walls or a lane. Always ads something unique and pops of colour everywhere.

    How are you finding Newtown? I’m a Melbourne guy myself but stayed in Newtown a few years back when I visited Sydney. Really loved the vibe of the place! Hope you’re liking your new diggs.


    10 January, 2014
    • tlcreative


      Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Tim. I am with you – tagging is a no go but when done well the street art is amazing. Newtown is great – it mirrors the vibe I felt when I visited Fitzroy. I would adore living in Fitzroy; effortlessly artistic!

      19 January, 2014
  • I loved May Lane and all the street art there. Tagging and even more ‘ugly tagging’ is useless and makes a wall uglier, while good street art beautifies a blind wall.
    How is it to live around May Lane? Does the noise of planes flying over bother you? When I was walking there, I imagined myself living there. It seemed peaceful. How much is the average rent in that specific area?

    14 May, 2015
      • Tx for ur speedy reply, Chris.

        Melbourne seems to have even more street art and also seems more artistic than Sydney. Not sure I would like the weather there though.

        Oh, is that $600 per week or per month? Guess per week?

        14 May, 2015

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