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Inside Watsons Bay Hotel: Beach Club Bliss in Sydney

Watsons Bay Hotel - Beach Club

When I discovered these images of Watsons Bay Hotel I’m positive I had some out of body experience. They were so amazing that I was sure I’d been transported to design heaven.

Given the fact that I was never crash hot on mint, this post just goes to show that when design is executed this well, any aversion can be overcome!

Read on for my interview with the company behind the design.

Watsons Bay Hotel Beach Club - Bar with Stools Watsons Bay Hotel Beach Club - Mint Green and Pineapples Watsons Bay Hotel Beach Club Stools Watsons Bay Hotel Beach Club Stools

Located on the waterfront of Watsons Bay, this seaside escape was designed by Sydney based architecture and interior design company, Alexander & Co. The revamp of this venue has taken it into a whole new realm. It’s aspirational without being pretentious, casual without feeling lazy and colourful without an ounce of whimsy.

“As with all our projects, there is a suspension of disbelief we hope to translate, an attempt to have the patron lost in the moment,” says Jeremy Bull, Alexander & Co’s Principal.

Consider me lost in the moment, Creatives! I’m also particularly smitten with the blending of themes and design ideas here. It’s a meshing that was intentional and considered – producing a result that feels visually dynamic.

The Hotel itself was conceived around the idea of an old adapted beach house.

“Part Europe, part American, part Grandmas house, part the new kids beach club,” Jeremy tells me. “Within the Beach Club, we have taken cues from traditional italian; panelling, stone splash backs and bent wood furniture and combined it with wire mesh, galvanised trough lights and steel panel detailing. It is youth meets age, re purposed and re imagined.”

I actually can’t get enough of this place. It’s possibly the most stunning venue I’ve laid eye upon. Not only has it cured my aversion to mint, but it’s proved to me that heaven does indeed exist!

Find out More: Watsons Bay Hotel | Alexander & Co.

Watsons Bay Hotel

All Images in this Post taken from the Watsons Bay Hotel website


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